Printing as Easy as Shopping

Online, On-Demand Custom Printing


Ordering printed materials can be as easy as online shopping.

It's an on-demand world, so why shouldn't your printing be? Log on to your company-branded site, see thumbnails from a library of your firm's printed materials, and order as easily as buying books online. The simple, user-friendly interface allows virtually anyone in your company to choose from an infinite repository of printed materials, such as collateral, promotional brochures, direct mail, samples, etc., and place an order for any volume. Insert variable data and images to create fully customized marketing pieces. The order is then immediately processed, printed, delivered and appropriately charged. It can even process the transaction on a credit card.

Online Solutions

compass• Print on demand workflow
• Online ordering
• File creation
• Web-based digital asset management


compass • Variable data and graphics
• Graphic files and documents
• Limitless cataloging and sharing
• Collection, storage and distribution